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After I locked myself outside of my Southlake residence near Byron Nelson Parkway, he showed up fastly (approx 30 minutes) and opened the door quickly. The quote on the phone was the price I paid and he even charged me with PayPal giving me security using my credit card. Thank you Southlake Locksmith Pros !! @ Royal P., Southlake TX

I needed to get new set of keys for my in-laws's 2015 Skoda, and Vito from Southlake Locksmith Pros came right on time, worked very quietly and was very professional. Would definitely recommend! @ Vince V. Southlake TX

Local businesses, learn from Southlake Locksmith Pros. Well done !! Fast time & date setting with a 1 hour timeframe. Crystal clear regarding assessment of work cost. Duane showed on exactly at the agreed timeframe and carried out the service in no more than 15 minutes, less than what I expected. The price was precisely as estimated on the phone and absolutely within reason based on other estimates I got from other locksmiths in Southlake. You can quickly see that without a doubt they really care about pleasing the customers. Super !!!!! @ Lon E., Southlake

Vito from Southlake Locksmith Pros came on time, and I said him "I do not want to fix the lock; please replace it?" Vito replied back "Hmm, that's an expensive lock, somewhere like $460-730. Are you sure? I think it can be fixed." I let him try to repair it. He concluded that the lock was a problem with a spring, and after he pulled the lock out, he confirmed this was the issue. He pulled the part out of his bag and replaced it. The lock is like new since then. (Wilbur O. Southlake )

My back lock got broken as my aunt tried to lock it, and I was dreading calling a locksmith on the weekend (I have developed a serious locksmith-plumber, 'I can charge you anything because you can't solve this without me' distress). Southlake Locksmith Pros phoned me back fastly, gave to me an almost spot-on estimate over the phone, Duane came exactly when the rep said he would, and was a gracious and entertaining conversationalist while I stood there examined him fix the door lock. He didn't only fix it but also clarified what was wrong with it and took the time to show me how keys are duplicated, which was really interesting, and hopefully the copy keys he rekeyed for me won't stick, which is part of what messed up the lock in the first place. I have no clue about pricing for this kind of job, but anything below $90 (it was $75 for the visit, repair, and 3 additional keys) was far, far lower than what I was fearing. And he take credit cards:-)! @ Mckinley G., Southlake